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Car Dealerships Using CarFax Reports and AutoCheck Reports to Mislead Consumers

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2024 | Auto Law

CarFax reports and AutoCheck reports are valuable tools for consumers who are buying used cars. They can provide information about a vehicle’s history, such as whether it has been in an accident, has a salvage title, or has been odometer rolled back. However, CarFax and AutoCheck reports can be used to mislead consumers into purchasing accident damaged vehicles.CarFax and AutoCheck reports are only as good as the information that is reported to them. If a repair shop or government agency does not report damage to a vehicle, it will not show up on the report. A LOT OF ACCIDENTS ARE NOT REPORTED ON CARFAX AND AUTOCHECK!!! There is no requirement for accidents to be reported to CarFax or AutoCheck. Dealers will claim the vehicle has not been in an accident by using a clean CarFax or AutoCheck report even though the Vehicle has been in an accident.Another way dealerships mislead consumers is by using outdated CarFax and AutoCheck reports. If a dealership gives you a report that is not dated the same day, that is a big redflag. The vast majority of dealerships have an unlimited subscription to CarFax and/or AutoCheck which means it costs them nothing to get you an updated report. The main reason a dealership will use an old report is that they know something bad happened to the Vehicle and are concerned that bad event will show up on a current CarFax or AutoCheck report.Finally, if damage is reported, dealers will downplay the extent of that damage by saying it was only “minor” according to CarFax or AutoCheck when in fact the Vehicle has frame damage or structural damage. Remember that CarFax and AutoCheck never inspected the vehicle. They only know what their sources have reported. If there is any report of damage, you should consider having your own expert inspect the Vehicle or walk away from the deal.If you believe that you have been misled by a car dealership into purchasing a damaged vehicle, you may have legal recourse. Contact Auto Law to discuss your case at no cost.