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Undisclosed Rental History Representation

When dishonest auto dealers or private sellers conceal a used vehicle’s rental history, they’re not just selling you a car; they’re selling deceit. In these moments, you need more than just an attorney – you need a relentless ally.

Attorney Michael Klitzke and his dedicated legal team help clients throughout the state obtain justice and their money back from dishonest auto dealers and sellers. With a singular focus on auto fraud and lemon law claims, attorney Klitzke and his team have become the go-to referral for other law firms across California. His experience, honed at one of the largest Auto Law firms in the state, is now the driving force behind his own practice.

Why Failing To Disclose Rental History Is A Major Problem

A car’s history can be as varied as the brands that roll off the assembly lines. From Toyota and Chevrolet to the Jeep and Ford, each vehicle has a story. Unfortunately, when that story includes a stint as a rental – often involving Nissan, Hyundai, Buick, Chrysler, Dodge and Pontiac cars – some sellers may choose to leave those chapters out. Auto Law Firm, PC, is here to bring the full story to light, ensuring that your rights are protected.

Rental history is one of the few things a California dealer is required to “clearly” disclose before selling a vehicle. The fact that a vehicle was used as a rental is very important. Rentals are driven by a lot of different people, some of whom intentionally abuse the vehicle.

Rental car companies tend to do basic maintenance like oil changes but avoid having more significant repair work done because any time spent on repairs is time the vehicle is not available as a rental. Rental car companies know their vehicles get beaten up, which is one reason the companies only hold on to a vehicle for 1-2 years. If you purchased a vehicle and later found the vehicle had been used as a rental, Auto Law Firm, PC, can help get your money back.

Fighting For The Justice You Deserve

If you have been deceived by hidden rental histories, you deserve to seek justice. Contact Auto Law Firm, PC, today at 619-878-7037 or fill out an online contact form for a free consultation. With services available to all Californians, Michael Klitzke and his team are ready to put their proven track record to work for you.