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Seeking Justice For Undisclosed Mechanical Problems

When you purchase a new or used vehicle, you reasonably trust that the vehicle will be safe and reliable. However, when you find out that your new car is plagued with mechanical issues that the seller never mentioned, you may have a valid auto fraud claim. At Auto Law Firm, PC, attorney Michael Klitzke and his experienced legal team can help you hold dishonest dealers and sellers accountable.

With years of experience in auto fraud and lemon law claims, you can trust Auto Law Firm, PC, to build a strong case on your behalf. Attorney Michael Klitzke’s reputation precedes him, with recognition like the Best of the Bar award for one of California’s top 100 verdicts in 2022, a six-figure testament to his relentless pursuit of justice. He and his team believe you shouldn’t have to pay for someone else’s dishonesty.

Understanding What Dealers Must Disclose

Consumers tend to assume dealerships are required to disclose problems before selling a vehicle. Generally, that is not true. Dealers are only required to disclose rental history and title brands. They are not required to tell you about past or current mechanical problems. They are not required to tell you about the maintenance history or that something was just repaired. They are not required to do an oil change.

However, dealers are not allowed to make false or misleading representations. If the dealer told you something that was not true or gave you documents, like an inspection report that was not accurate, then you may have a valid auto fraud claim. Auto Law Firm, PC, can help get your money back.

Get Started On Your Case Today

If you are fed up with dodging the runaround from sellers and want justice for the undisclosed mechanical problems in your vehicle, it’s time to fight back. Contact Auto Law Firm, PC, at 619-878-7037 or complete their online contact form. They offer free consultations and extend their services to clients all over California, including San Diego and Los Angeles.