Undisclosed Accident / Damage History

Consumers ask about accident and damage history more than anything else when purchasing a vehicle. Dealers routinely lie in response. Some of the common ways in which dealers lie about accident and damage history are:

  1. Selling the vehicle as a Certified Pre-Owned
  2. Giving the consumer a CarFax, Auto Check, or NMVTIS report that says “no accident” or “no damage”
  3. Telling the consumer that the dealer does not or cannot know the history of the vehicle
  4. Giving the consumer an “independent mechanic’s” inspection report that shows no problems
  5. Telling the consumer the vehicle has not been in an accident or damaged OR minimizing the extent of the damage by saying it the accident was minor or only the bumper was damaged

The California Vehicle Code specifically prohibits dealers from making false or misleading representations when selling a vehicle. If the dealer told you something that was not true or gave you a document like a CarFax that was not accurate, Auto Law can help get your money back.