Selling Over the Advertised Price

Dealers are required to sell vehicles at or below the advertised price. The advertised price could be on the dealer’s website, an advertisement on a third-party website like, or on the vehicle itself.

Starting in 2020, dealers have been increasingly forcing consumers to purchase additional products like theft deterrent devices, appearance protection, service and maintenance contracts, GAP, and extended warranties. Many dealers have boldly told customers these additional products are required so that the dealership can make a higher profit.

Nothing prevents a dealer from refusing to sell a vehicle without specified additional items. However, if the dealer is requiring certain items be purchased with the vehicle, then those items need to be included in the advertised price.

If the dealer says an optional product is required to obtain financing, that is an illegal finance charge.

If you were sold a vehicle for more than the advertised price, Auto Law can help get all of your money back.