Certified Pre-Owned Issues

Certified Pre-Owned (“CPO”) vehicle purchases frequently result in fraud lawsuits. CPOs are portrayed as better than other used vehicles because the vehicle allegedly passed a rigorous 120–180-point inspection. In truth, many dealer technicians lack the basic training and tools need to do the inspection. This is especially true when it comes to inspecting for prior accident damage. As a result, many accident damaged vehicles are sold as CPO.

California Vehicle Code § 11713.18(a) prohibits the sale of “certified” vehicles where:

  1. The odometer has been rolled back or reset
  2. The vehicle was a Lemon Law Buyback under any State or Federal law
  3. The vehicle has any title brand, including title brands used by other states
  4. The safety of the vehicle has been substantially impaired due to an impact, fire, or flood
  5. The vehicle has sustained frame or structural damage
  6. The dealer fails to provide the buyer with a completed inspection report prior to selling the vehicle
  7. The vehicle is sold “As Is”
  8. The dealer attempts to disclaim the implied warranty of merchantability

If you were sold a CPO and experienced any of the issues above, Auto Law can help get your money back.